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Jennifer Goldsby Reno Gal

Jennifer Goldsby

VP, Renovation Lending |  NMLS #591226

I have been originating mortgage loans since 2002. After having a particularly confusing and frustrating experience buying my first home, I felt compelled to learn as much I could about mortgages to help others. I learned the business from Corey Perez in DRMC’s Portage, IN office and I am now the VP of Renovation Lending for Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation.

Renovation loans are unique in that they add a construction-like element to traditional financing, which requires a contractor. Finding a contractor who is willing to cooperate with the vetting process, bid requirements, and work within the confines of the draw guidelines can be challenging. While I do not recommend specific contractors, I certainly can point the borrower in the right direction by providing a list of contractor networks, suggestions on questions to ask when interviewing contractors, and clear information on the contractor qualification requirements, bid requirements, and draw process specific to their loan program.

Though trial and error and years of experience, I have learned what I affectionately refer to as my “secret sauce” to help both the borrower and contractor navigate this process. By taking the onus off the borrower to help contractors navigate vetting, bid formatting, and the draw process, I am able to set the right expectations with all parties from day one, so there are no surprises downstream.

My favorite part of being a Loan Officer is the heartfelt thanks you receive once a home buyer or homeowner closes their loan and the journey to building their dream home begins, and the before/after photos! I really love working with people and helping them bring their visions to life, and I also enjoy the small part I get to play in beautifying homes and revitalizing communities.

Licensed in Illinois and Indiana RENO-GAL(317) 559-3376
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Jennifer Goldsby Reno Gal

What our clients have to say

Raymond O.

Jennifer was always there. She consistently showed professionalism and more importantly kindness whenever my wife or I had questions or concerns. Her and her team worked diligently to assure we could close on the date that was best for my wife and I. We will be indebted to Jennifer forever for all she has done.

Madeline T.

Jennifer was so informative throughout the whole process! She always kept us up to date with information and details. Jennifer made the experience run as smooth as possible and we would definitely use her again!

Jonathan T.

Working with Jennifer was a great experience. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, and covers every detail and answer every question. I highly recommend Jennifer!

Tawina D.

Jennifer's customer service was great. She kept me updated throughout my home buying process. Most of all, she was caring, compassionate, empathetic...

Dalton L.

Had a great experience and all questions were answered in a timely manner. She’s very quick at responding and answering any questions you may have.

Richard W.

Jennifer was pleasant to work with. As a first time home buyer, my wife and I had no idea how the home buying process worked, but Jennifer answered every question we had and made this process extremely easy!

Travis W.

Mrs. Goldsby was overall outstanding. Communication with her was never lacking. She was very straightforward and always professional. I will gladly recommend her to my family and friends!

Michael S.

I can say without reservation that Jennifer Goldsby did an amazing job! She was extremely professional and fantastic to work with through the entire process! Kudos to Jennifer!

Denise A.

Jennifer was so involved in our home buying process - she consistently calmed us while telling us we were her top priority. She was the best!!!!

Kayla T.

Jennifer Goldsby is one of a kind. She is friendly, kind hearted, and overall one of the most honest people I have ever worked with. She takes her job very seriously and pays attention to detail.

Matthew S

Jennifer was incredible. She was extremely communicative, professional, and effective. We shopped local agencies, and none came close to as satisfactory as the level of service and expertise Jennifer displayed. We have her to thank for our dream home. I will be recommending her and her team to ANYONE that I know is looking to buy a home. JENNIFER- we cannot thank you enough for your hard work

Ashley S

Jennifer was helpful, quick to respond, knowledgeable, and very friendly. She worked really fast to make sure we could get an offer in on our house. Gave great advice when closing on our loan and made the experience as first time home buyers seamless. I would recommend her to anyone looking into financing for their new home.

About The Reno Gal®

Jennifer ‘The Reno Gal®’ Goldsby (NMLS #591226) has over 20 years of experience working with financing options that improve the habitability of homes across the nation. Jennifer is committed to providing comprehensive and timely advice on using renovation loans and other financing options to help homeowners repair, renovate, or update their homes.

Renovation Mortgage Pros VS Cons



Ability to purchase a distressed home at a discounted price


Refinance a home in need of repairs or upgrades


Low or no down payment financing options


Low-cost way to finance home improvements


One monthly payment for property and repair costs


Ability to leverage future home value for financing


Gain equity and resale marketability by making home improvements


Customize and design your home to fit your personal preferences


Make home improvements immediately after loan closing


Tax-deductible mortgage interest (consult with your tax professional)



Takes longer to close than traditional loans


You must make decisions quickly (e.g. selection of contractor, materials)


Contractor cooperation is essential


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options may be limited

There are many different types of renovation loans: conventional renovation loans through Fannie Mae® (“FNMA”) and Freddie Mac® (“FHLMC”), FHA renovation loans, USDA renovation loans, a VA renovation loan option, and portfolio renovation loans.

Below is a high-level overview of the renovation loans Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation offers. For more information, explore FAQs and Blog.

Keys To Success:

  • Inquire early! If you attempt to place an offer on a property that is listed for sale without a pre-qualification letter, your offer may be rejected and you may miss a window of opportunity. It is best to secure financing before you are too far into the buying process.
  • Make sure your contractor is on board with the contractor qualifications, bid requirements, and draw process required for your loan type.
  • If a Consultant is involved, meet together at the property with the contractor, so all parties can finalize the scope of work together.
  • Provide requested paperwork quickly to meet contract deadlines. Time lost on the front end of a deal oftentimes cannot be made up on the back end of the deal to hit closing deadlines.
  • Be decisive!  Decide on the details of your renovation project early and resist the temptation to make changes throughout the loan process. Wavering during the process can cause delays with your closing. Feel confident in pushing forward with the decisions you make at the onset of the transaction. That’s not to say you can’t make changes along the way, but making those changes mid-stream will likely cause delays.

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